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Daniel monte


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Influenced by composers like Beethoven and Brahms the music of Daniel Monte captures the emotive, expressive and dramatic musical elements of the Romantic era while keeping a hard rock edge. The band’s enthralling live shows provide compelling and operatic storytelling and give audiences an experience to remember. Daniel Monte is a Canadian band based in Toronto who has been captivating audiences across their native province of Ontario since 2017. The group’s dynamic sound is contemporary, and infused with orchestral influences. Daniel Monte's innovative compositional style blends pop/rock and classical music elements together in an authentic way. This new symphonic pop/rock sound can be heard on the groups energetic debut album "Familiar"(2020). The group consists of 3 primary members; vocalist, pianist and violinist Daniel Monte, lead guitarist and backing vocalist Antonio Cocuzzo, and keyboardist Flavio Silva. All 3 band members offer a unique perspective on music and creativity that stem from their diverse musical upbringing. When combined, the sound of Daniel Monte becomes something you have never heard before. The group continues to stride forward with their upcoming album titled "Now Part One".  The songs on this album are powerful, fresh and will no doubt become rock anthems for audiences around the world. Be sure to familiarize yourself with Daniel Monte and keep your eyes and ears open for what comes next.


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