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Daniel Monte

         After studying sciences for two years in university, Daniel decided that to lead a fulfilling life, he would have to switch into music. Being inspired by the journey to find his career path, Daniel found his voice and expressed it for the first time in the album, Familiar. Being trained at a high degree through the R.C.M. in violin and piano, his experience playing classical music and Romantic era concertos on the violin fused naturally into his pop-rock songwriting. This created the unique sound of Daniel Monte that can be described as orchestral pop-rock. For the first time, Daniel’s concerns about fitting into a specific box both musically and socially vanished and he was able to express original content with his own unique sound. Coming from a musical upbringing, Daniel and his father collaborated over the years to shape Daniel into the musician and performer he is today. He has performed on many stages for shows featuring many well-known and successful artists including Michael Bolton. He has also performed as a solo violinist for three seasons at Fallsview Casino with the highly anticipated show, I Tenori. Daniel has been actively developing a career in music since the young age of twelve years old. After writing the album, Daniel decided that it was best to now start performing with a band, and thus, the name “Daniel Monte” stopped referencing Daniel as an individual, but it instead transformed into the name of the band. The band has gone on to play for many shows featuring artists like Magic! with their music reaching nearly half a million streams online. Daniel is eager to cultivate his career as an artist and continue along this path toward success.