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Individual Bios


         After studying sciences for two years in university, Daniel decided that to lead a fulfilling life, he would have to switch into music. Being inspired by the journey to find his career path, Daniel found his voice and expressed it for the first time in the album, Familiar. Being trained at a high degree through the R.C.M. in violin and piano, his experience playing classical music and Romantic era concertos on the violin fused naturally into his pop-rock songwriting. This created the unique sound of Daniel Monte that can be described as orchestral pop-rock. For the first time, Daniel’s concerns about fitting into a specific box both musically and socially vanished and he was able to express original content with his own unique sound. Coming from a musical upbringing, Daniel and his father collaborated over the years to shape Daniel into the musician and performer he is today. He has performed on many stages for shows featuring many well-known and successful artists including Michael Bolton. He has also performed as a solo violinist for three seasons at Fallsview Casino with the highly anticipated show, I Tenori. Daniel has been actively developing a career in music since the young age of twelve years old. After writing the album, Daniel decided that it was best to now start performing with a band, and thus, the name “Daniel Monte” stopped referencing Daniel as an individual, but it instead transformed into the name of the band. The band has gone on to play for many shows featuring artists like Magic! with their music reaching nearly half a million streams online. Daniel is eager to cultivate his career as an artist and continue along this path toward success. 


     Born and raised in Porto, Portugal, Flávio Silva discovered music at an early age, playing guitar and later piano, when his father’s musical experiences sparked his passion for music. With a foundation ranging from private lessons to BFA in Music, he realized that his main focus was turned towards music theory, orchestration and composition.

With a distinct sound pallet, bringing together elements from the classical, rock and the electronic world, combined with his own perspective and tone, Flavio is able to forge a unique blend of sound driven by emotion. He utilises a wide range of modern musical sound design ideas merged together with classical composition approaches in order to create a sound world that completely immerses the listener.

Now based in Toronto, Canada, Flávio Silva is active both in composing Film/Trailer music as well as live performances. Currently he is working on a number of cinematic tracks that he plans on releasing to the major streaming platforms in the near future, as well as collaborating with other musicians in a variety of projects.

He has gained ample experience playing with a variety of bands in styles that range from Heavy-Metal to Pop-Rock and he is currently the keyboard player for the Daniel Monte band. They have performed all across the Greater Toronto Area, including a festival where they shared the stage with the reggae fusion band Magic! and the singer songwriter Delaney Jane.

His evocative melodies layered with synthesizers, strings, brass and an underlying percussive movement fuse together to form a gripping musical experience that momentarily pulls the listener outside of reality and into a captivating new environment.


        Antonio Cocuzzo is a Canadian guitarist, educator and composer. A guitarist for over 13 years Antonio has developed a strong set of musical skills and experiences ranging from performance, session work, composition, teaching and more. A well-schooled musician, Antonio has studied music in the royal conservatory system as well as at the post-secondary level. Antonio briefly studied at York University where he was awarded the Oscar Peterson Jazz performance scholarship.  Currently, Antonio is completing a degree in performance from Berklee College of Music in Boston MA. Encompassing  a wide musical vocabulary Antonio has studied various genres including Jazz, Classical, Brazilian, pop, R&B, Rock and Blues. Antonio has also had the privilege to study under Freddy Bryant , Sheryl Bailey, Jon Wheatley, Tomo Fujita, Norm Zocher, Leo Blanco, Mike Cado and Robb Cappelletto. As a composer, Antonio is well versed in different styles and formats. From classical guitar works to large jazz/contemporary ensembles he is able to create wonderful compositions with a pervading unique style. Antonio's compositional experience contributes to Daniel Monte's sound and musical arraignments, His diverse and subtle guitar style compliments the Daniel Monte repertoire beautifully as it adds to the music while allowing space for the other instruments creating a harmonious balance. Antonio’s passion for music is not only evident  in his work but also manifested in his desire and enjoyment in being able to contribute and collaborate creatively with his bandmates and other artist. 

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