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jack Caramanna

Jack Caramanna, the band’s bass player and resident audiophile, provides the groove and feel that tie the Daniel Monte band together. Having played in bands since 2011, spanning a variety of genres, Jack progressively honed his musicianship on the bass throughout those years and developed the strong ear that would aid him at each step of his ensuing music career. After a taking a couple of years away from performing, he joined forces with Daniel Monte in late 2017, when the group was still in its early stages. Considering himself both a consumer and creator of art, Jack has always been obsessed with finding the sounds that express his emotions—the inescapable emotions of everyday life. In an interview by one of Jack’s favourite musicians, Paul Webb of Talk Talk says: “..or when I meet people and they tell me that record got them through their university or that endless summer, because, that’s what all music is, it’s a backdrop to your life.” As an artist, Jack is driven and inspired by both the beauty and tragedy of the human experience. This is where his heart lies.

As a self-taught musician, Jack’s intuitive and feel-based approach to the bass draws inspiration from several of his favourite (also self-taught) bass players: namely, Tina Weymouth (Talking Heads), Gail Ann Dorsey (Tears for Fears, David Bowie), and Andy Rourke (The Smiths). According to Jack, all of the aforementioned musicians share three important qualities that are key to their influence: special attention to groove and feel, outside-the-box creativity, and, by way of the groups they played in, have contributed to important, influential albums and overall great art. These bass players, regardless of how simple or complex their contributions are, choose to serve the song first and put its needs above their own. This principle is something Jack stands by as a musician and it’s evident in his method to writing music and constructing basslines. This approach, along with his natural feel and refined ear, helps him to lock into the energy and rhythm of the group and is without a doubt his most important contribution to Daniel Monte.