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Jordan mason

         Jordan Mason, also known as "Jojo Boom Boom" is a native of Niagara Falls Ontario. Experienced in a wide range of styles and playing situations Jordan has played various gigs around the Niagara region, Toronto, York Region and other places across his home province of Ontario. Jordan's versatility as a musician ranges from jazz, blues and orchestral percussion to rock and pop punk. With a background in Jazz percussion studies at York University Jordan has a deep understanding of his instrument and a developed sense of musicality. Jordan prides himself on having a strong musical background, starting piano lessons at age four. Playing repertoire from The Royal Conservatory of Music, he achieved his Grade 7 certificate before picking up the sticks at age twelve and pursuing a musical career in percussion. Jordan's personality and love for the stage clearly shines through in his energetic and hard-hitting playing style, drawing influence from a range of world-class drummers from both past and present. Jordan is the heart beat and engine of Daniel Monte and his character and talent bring an element of excitement to the group. His unique charisma and energy helps foster the band's chemistry and his passion for music and creativity is evident. On a more profound level Jordan is able to bring the best out of his fellow bandmates as he sets a friendly and inspirational atmosphere in the group, giving way to great music.