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About Daniel

 With over ten years of classical training through the Royal Conservatory of Music in violin and piano, Toronto-based artist, Daniel Monte has developed into a seasoned musician. His passion for music coupled with his extensive training allows him to fuse symphonic arrangements with contemporary music to create a unique sound. Drawing influence from a variety of artists, his arrangements blend classical instrumentation and film-like motifs with pop sounds featuring electric guitars and synthesizers. The eclectic sound of Daniel Monte is sure to keep the audience entertained throughout his debut album, “Familiar”, as well as in his live shows.

     Daniel made the decision to leave his studies in the sciences at the University of Toronto and pursue his passion for music at York University with the goal of obtaining a composition degree. After the completion of his undergrad, he is now working on his Masters in composition.  His primary instruments include the violin, piano and guitar. He is a singer, songwriter and composer. He also arranges and produces all of his work and enjoys composing and arranging climatic musical scores for motion pictures and pieces of western art music. His first symphony will have its debut at the end of the school term as part of the York University Symphony Orchestra performance.   

     His stage presence captivates thousands of audience members at a time, evident in his performances at Fallsview and the Powerade Centre in Brampton, Ontario.  Monte has also gotten several awards such as the Ordine Al Merito Award and the Amici Award, which honour him as an active member in the community of Woodbridge, giving many performances in support of great causes in the city. He has also placed top three in many musical competitions throughout his life around Toronto such as the Davenport, Kiwanis, and Yip festivals.

     Monte has had great musical influences and inspirations. His biggest inspiration is his father who helped teach Daniel how to interpret and write music. Working together with his father for many years helped Daniel find his own path and expand his musical knowledge. Being an Italian immigrant, his father’s multicultural library of music from around the world introduced Daniel to the magnificent flavour of International music which imprinted a true appreciation of different sounds. Thus, garnering him a vision of creating something that he could truly call his own. He fully invests his experience and heart into the sound of his compositions, creating something unique to the Daniel Monte sound. Daniel is very lucky and blessed to have a very supportive and musical family.

Daniel Monte Live
Daniel Monte Live
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