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Thank you for checking out my composition page! Aside from writing and performing my own songs, I also compose classical works as well as film scores. Below are a few samples of what I do! Enjoy!

District B 13

This is my original score depicting what I would have done for a chase scene in the movie "District B13" if I were to score it. I recorded and sampled most of my own sounds to create a unique and original soundscape. 

The Best Years of Our Lives

Letter to Plane Scene

This is my original score from a scene in "The Best Years of Our Lives"


This is an example of a free flowing musical score. It's a little bit more ambient, but still incorporates variations on thematic elements.

In this piece for two violins, piano and percussion, I tried to fuse contemporary techniques with traditional music composition. The result is a whimsical story-telling piece accompanied by a semi-graphic score.

This french-style piano Nocturne is one of my favorite pieces to play.

This piece is piano invention. I used retrograde inversion techniques to create a piece that reads the same way upside down as right side up. Of course, I octave displaced and added accidentals to create harmonic interest. 

The Mist and SeaDaniel Monte
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Un Rêve à ParisDaniel Monte
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ReflectionDaniel Monte
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