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Thank you for checking out my composition page! Aside from writing and performing my own songs, I also compose classical works as well as film scores. Below are a few samples of what I do! Enjoy!



This is my interpretation of the music for the original film "Wrought." It features various original sounds fused with traditional compositional elements. 

The Best Years of Our Lives
Letter to Plane Scene

The score written here is to demonstrate my ability in composing traditional style orchestral film cues. The sounds are all programmed in midi.


District B 13

This is my original score depicting what I would have done for a chase scene in the movie "District B13" if I were to score it. I recorded and sampled most of my own sounds to create a unique and original soundscape. 

Jurassic Park

This is a more illustrative approach to film composition. I used my own themes and motifs to depict the actions on screen. Thank you to "Film Score Analysis" on YouTube for providing the scene without the original score. 

The CenturionDaniel Monte

This is a quick example of an adaptive piece designed for video games. Each added element can come in and out of the track at liberty to keep an interesting and dynamic game flow. This is a demo of one possible development. 

This is an example of a free flowing musical score. It's a little bit more ambient, but still incorporates variations on thematic elements.

The Mist and SeaDaniel Monte
00:00 / 05:36

In this piece for two violins, piano and percussion, I tried to fuse contemporary techniques with traditional music composition. The result is a whimsical story-telling piece accompanied by a semi-graphic score.

Un Rêve à ParisDaniel Monte
00:00 / 02:59

This french-style piano Nocturne is one of my favorite pieces to play.

ReflectionDaniel Monte
00:00 / 03:09

This piece is piano invention. I used retrograde inversion techniques to create a piece that reads the same way upside down as right side up. Of course, I octave displaced and added accidentals to create harmonic interest. 

Sing Away Little OneDaniel Monte
00:00 / 01:03
CascadeDaniel Monte
00:00 / 01:34

These two short pieces are exercises in counterpoint. Unfortunately, the scores are not available at the time. 

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